Our 1 to 4 day long wooden toy-making workshops with children ages 3 to 10 allow them to develop their confidence, learn practical skills, and explore their artistic abilities.

Through this hands-on experience, they make and paint their wooden toys and daily use products. They learn and practice sanding, cutting, painting and polishing and develop a sense of connection with their mind, body, and nature.

The children love walking away with the toys they make and proudly present them to their family and friends.


These 3-days to 2-weeks long workshops are for kids eight years and above, during which they mostly make daily-use wooden products such as a pen-holder, box, and birdhouse while practicing arithmetic, measurement, and geometry. They also learn about different types of wood and experience various sanding and cutting methods and appropriate equipment. All the products are finished off by either practicing painting or polishing techniques.

This training is relevant for kids who wish to:

  • Learn about the basics of woodwork 
  • Apply math in daily life 
  • Engage themselves in physically and mentally challenging activities
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