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the only expert Waldorf Toys manufacturer in Pakistan.

Our Impact

We have reintroduced wooden toy making in Pakistan while also giving environmentally conscious parents and educationists an affordable renewable alternative to toxic plastic toys.

This is One Earth Toys, Where Play Meets Nature!

Our Design Philosophy

Unlike plastic toys, our natural toys degrade in years and will not harm marine life.

Repeated sensory experiences with natural materials aid the brain development of a child. This results in giving them practical information about the world and reduces stress.

Open-ended and not highly formed toys can quickly become more than one thing and give children’s imagination free rein, reducing physical and behavioral problems.


Features - Inspired by Waldorf Toys

Waldorf education emphasizes the role of imagination in learning and strives to integrate children's intellectual, practical, and artistic development holistically. Currently, there are 1227 Waldorf schools in 67 countries, including Germany, United States, United Kingdom, and India. Waldorf toys are well-thought-out and properly designed beautiful toys that are made of durable eco-friendly materials that are safe for children, nourish their senses, and inspire their imagination. These toys can also be used for Montessori and teaching of other educational philosophies.

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