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Our 1 to 4 day long wooden toy making workshops with children ages 3 to 15 give them opportunity to develop their confidence, learn practical skills and explore their artistic abilities.

Through this hands on experience, they make and paint their own small animal, car and/or rainbow. They learn and practice sanding, cutting, painting and polishing and develop a sense of connection with with their mind, body and nature.

The children love walking away with the toys they make and proudly present them to their family and friends.

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This 3 to 5 day workshop is for 16 years and above during which they make their own pen-holder, box and/or cabinets while learning about different types of wood and experiencing different sanding and cutting methods and equipment. They also practice painting and polishing techniques on their products.

This brief training is relevant for adults who are interested in learning about basics of wood work and wish to engage themselves in physically and mentally challenging activity.

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Explore Holistic Education

One Earth Toys is proud to be the supporting partner of 'Teaching Through Movements' the first Internationally Certified Waldorf/Steiner Early Childhood Education Teachers Training to be held from 13th October 2019 to 17th October 2019 in Lahore.

Suitable for all those with an interest in child development and teaching such as educators, teachers, parents including homeschooling parents, daycare providers, pediatricians, nurses, special education providers and child psychologists.

Discounts are available for Early birds, groups and UK Alumni.

For registration visit:

For more information visit:

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