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Slide Shop Online a a a a Experience THEM BRING HOME Get our thoughtfully designed child-friendly and eco-friendly Waldorf toys at your doorstep. Get our thoughtfully designed child-friendly and eco-friendly toys at your doorstep. Shop Online jj jj jj Slide MAKE OWN a a aa a a a a a a aa a a a aa a aa a a a Color Playlist Pick the order of the colors you want in your stacking toys and blocks sets
Design your Dream Toy Share a picture of the kind of toy you want and we will make it for you. Paint at Home Take your time to sand and paint our small animals the way you want. Learn and Play Attend our next workshop to learn woodwork and a little bit of maths to make your own toy. YOUR
Connect AND NATURAL HANDMADE Our Waldorf-inspired toys are handmade from natural materials to develop a deeper appreciation for the skill of toy making and our mother earth. Our Impact Our Impact a a a a a а Slide Islamabad Karachi a Visit RETAILERS OUR Get our toys from four different stores in Pakistan Lahore a a a a
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