Rs. 5000

This open-ended 7 piece rainbow stacking toy inspires joyful imagination.
Can be used as bridges, tunnels, mountain range & a lovely decoration on a bookshelf.
Available in both natural and painted pieces.


Cut from a single, piece of beech wood.

All corners are sanded smooth to remove any sharp edges for the delicate hands of children.

Stained with rich and vibrant non-toxic, child-safe water-based colors and varnished with a polish made from beeswax and plant-based oils.

Recommended for toddlers, kids and adults (from 18 months+) and also makes a lovely decoration on a bookshelf.

Measures (in inches) 14" Long, 7" High, 3" Deep.

Weight : 2.5 kg

Manufacturing Time: 11 hrs


  • Durable

  • Inspire creativity and imaginative play

  • Develop cognitive and problem-solving skills

  • Natural textures invite children to touch, feel and explore, thus stimulating their senses

  • Build hand-eye coordination

  • Better for the environment as compared to plastic toys

  • Maintain peace in your home and child’s mind

  • Encourage speech and language development