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Edges vs. Curves

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

Playtime should be fun and safe for children. Some people say that play time should be purely entertaining while others say that it should bring some learning to the kids and there are others who prefer to have both at the same time. No matter of what opinion you are, you cannot deny that they must be safe as this is the point to which all of them would agree.

Children may also get hurt through toys in many different ways like falling on toy, choking by them, strangulation, burns through batteries, drowning in pools and poisoning by leaching of chemicals. In 2016, there were over 174,000 toy-related injuries to kids under 15 as reported by Consumer Product Safety Commission of USA[i]. Toys with sharp points and edges are a potential hazard to the health of the child. Although, metal toys have sharp edges and can be twisted, broken and can be ingested by the child, but the toys that break away also fall in this cluster like glass, plastic toys or poorly constructed wooden toys. They have sharp edges that can cause severe injury. Moreover the edges are fragile and can be easily broken and ingested by the child.

According to another study by CPSC done in 1998 the harmful chemicals leach out from finished toys when they are subjected to chewing and sucking specially the ones with edges that can easily break away, causing lead ingestion. Lead is a metal that is found in paints on toys which is not toxic if just held in hands, but is fatal in case it is eaten by the child.

The most harmful effect from toys is still not from the chemicals that cause leach out resulting in slow poisoning but actually from the sharp untamed edges and points that cause life threatening injuries in cause of accidental ingestion or if kids accidentally fall on them[ii]. Then, should we avoid giving toys to kids? Of course not!

When we have wood as a gift of nature we need not to worry about all the above mentioned issues of artificial toys. On the contrary, wooden toys that are made up of hard wood like maple, walnut, ash, beech and birch, are very safe to use for all age groups in kids and you don’t have to worry about toxins, breakage or chemical leaching even if the child chews them.[iii] With sanding and smooth edges hard wooden toys can be a child’s best friend that stays by his side for a long time. They are non toxic, durable and safe to use if their edges and points are turned into smooth pleasant textured curves[iv].

So, set your child free to play the way he wants to, giving full room to creativity and imagination and remain carefree by shopping smart because what you choose for them matters!

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This blog is written by our Intern Sehar Waheed - She is currently a student of Psychology and loves writing.

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