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Children and Color Preferences

'Creativity is fundamental to innovation; innovation depends upon creative color thinking'

June McLeod (Color Psychology Consultant, Color Trends Forecaster)

Children take in the world that surrounds them through their senses. They explore those objects that catch their attention and ignore the ones that they do not find appealing. The main source of attraction to their sense of sight is the bright and natural colors. According to American Optometric Association (2019), development of vision reaches its peak when the children are at the age of five months. At this stage it is easier for them to differentiate between bright colors that is why humans remain more attracted to them for a longer period.

If you give a shading wheel to a child then he or she would find brighter shades more appealing than the pastel colors. According to Pancare (2018), the advertising companies, especially the ones associated with children’s products, use primary and secondary colors as kids are more attracted to them[ii]. Kids imitate from their experiences with the people and things around them. As brighter colors are more animated and fascinating for children, they start figuring out how to name and differentiate items based on these colors. For example, the kids learn about green color through ‘leaves’ as most of the leaves are green in color, apples are red, oranges are orange and sky is blue etc.

In womb babies develop eyes yet not sense of sight. Child can see shades from birth, however, recognizing different tones of shades in relation to one another is troublesome yet incredible for them. Due to these reasons, primary colors are used in toys. Kids at the age of one and a half years have well established vision. Blocks with colors and letters/numbers are GREAT to develop child’s ability to differentiate among different groups of things, label them and explain what they are after and then connect different skills involved with use of symbols [i] . That is why alphabet blocks are famous across the globe for decades.

We should be cautious of the types of paints being used on the toys nowadays. Make sure that when you purchase such things for children, the paints used are safe for youngsters as well as the environment. Additionally, for example while purchasing a set of blocks, consider the size of square if your kid is yet mouthing toys. What you buy must fulfill top notch security guidelines. Due to such considerations, some parents prefer buying plain, unpainted toys as they are indisputably the most secure for kids and also encourage imaginative play [i].

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This blog is written by our Intern Sehar Waheed - She is currently a student of Psychology and loves writing.

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