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One Earth Toys wants to give opportunities to children to play with toys made from renewable materials that can develop them as better human beings while also conserving nature.


To build a generation that protects nature, appreciates its culture and supports local economy.


To manufacture a range of high quality handmade toys and products that are non-toxic and environmental friendly so that children can use them in a carefree way.



We are passionate to beat the conventional and ‘smart’ education system that just focuses on developing the intellectual abilities of children. Using the educational philosophy of Waldorf education, we also want to enhance the practical and artistic abilities of children.

Our toys are:

made from renewable materials like wood, wool and cotton

painted with safe dyes

polished with natural varnish

boost local toy industry

encourage local artists to continue and further grow their skills



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Annual Report 2019




Co-founder &
Head of Business Development



Our journey started in 2018 when after a few years of work in the development and the education
sector we looked for opportunities that can bring more purposeful and long-lasting social and
environmental impact. While exploring the opportunities, we realized that wooden toys sector is
one area that we can explore because we also looked for such toys for our nephews and nieces and
they were not available or can not be customized at a reasonable price in Pakistan.
Since we are open to new suggestions and ideas, one of our partners suggested that we should also
give toy making workshops to children and their families. Therefore, we also started organizing
purposeful play dates of children with their parents, siblings, and grandparents. The children ages 3
to 10 come with their family members and sand, fix and paint their wooden toy. The children love
walking away with the toys they make and proudly present them to their family and friends.

The Name
Each year we consume natural resources of more than 1.7 planet Earths. Which means that if we will
continue using these resources, the planet would not be able to sustain us. Therefore, to encourage
a pro-environmental change in our consumption choices and behavior, especially related to
upbringing of our children, we named our company “One Earth Toys”.

Why Nature?
Most of the toys available in Pakistan are made from plastic which are harmful for the environment
especially, the marine life. These plastic toys are also coated with paints containing heavy metals,
which harm the physical growth and mental development of the children. Additionally, these toys
can only be used in a single way, which means that they restrict children from using their
imagination and be less creative and innovative.
Since nature broadly focuses on strength, openness, and calmness, through One Earth Toys we
wanted to make toys that have similar qualities. We started with wood as a main material because it
is durable and can be used innovatively. We also made sure that the wood is sustainably resourced
and then the toys are painted with safe dyes and polished with natural varnish made by us. We try
to design toys that are open-ended so that kids can play with them in multiple ways e.g. our rainbow
can transform into a mountain, a tunnel, a bridge, or a cave for a child. This keeps them engaged in
more purposeful and creative play for a longer time. Our open-ended natural and handmade toys
can also be used by children with special needs to develop their sensory and gross motor skills. As an
alternate to noisy electronic toys, our toys encourage children to interact with them and maintain
peace in homes and child’s mind. Hence they encourage children to make sounds and thus support
in their speech and language development.

The high quality and trust that we have started to build with our customers is critical for the growth
of our company. We aim to revive the local natural toy making industry in Pakistan by reaching out
to as many people as possible and increasing our employees who can make both our regular and
customized designs for our customers at an affordable price. We plan to add more variety both in
terms of designs and material in coming years.